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Rummey design

Rummey design

Rummey Design is an award winning firm of masterplanners, urban designers and landscape architects, specialising in regeneration. Rummey Design was founded 15 years ago, after gaining high-level international experience in development, design, infrastructure and environmental projects. The company applies a broad view of design to its projects and employs urban designers, masterplanners, architects, landscape architects and specialists in environmental issues.

Rummey Design’s associate company, Rummey Environmental Ltd (REL) is a specialist environmental consultancy providing a range of services such as ecological surveys, landscape studies and environmental impact assessments. Both Rummey Design and Rummey Environmental take an approach that is founded on an appreciation of the masterplanning process.

Rummey Design often takes the role of masterplanner in the early stages of a project, leading to a specific urban design commission, followed by detailed design and implementation of the external environment.


Gina Fellendorf-Perkins, Senior Landscape Architect and Urban Designer

Tel: 01732 743 753