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Urban Design Foundations Course

The Urban Design Foundations Course is for local authority planning officers to upskill in urban design and sustainability in a way that fits in to busy schedules. However, it will also be of interest to anyone in the industry with an interest in urban design.

On completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, attendees will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of urban design concepts and terminology.
  • Understand the principles of masterplanning and responding to local context.
  • Understand and practice how to analyse a site and design spatial solutions using urban design techniques.
  • Feel more confident engaging and negotiating with other professionals in conversations about urban design.
  • Feel better able to assess design in planning applications.

The course will take place from September to December 2022 and comprise five online learning events and one in-person urban design skills session.

Each event includes practical, interactive sessions to put ideas into practice. Attendees will be given resources and short assignments to complete between events (don’t worry, nothing too time consuming!).



Below are the events that make up the course. More information is provided for each of these here:

  • Urban Design School Day 1 (Online): Introduction to Urban Design
  • Urban Design School Day 2 (In-Person): Urban Design Skills
  • Online Masterclass: Sustainable and Low Carbon Design Principles
  • Online Masterclass: Small Sites Intensification
  • Online Masterclass: Masterplanning Large Sites
  • Online Masterclass:¬†Viability and the Development Process Demystified
  • Online Event: Urban Design Foundations Course Wrap Up

Please only register via this page if you are committed to attending every event and completing the assignments. If you just want to attend specific events, you can register via the individual event pages.

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