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Understanding the National Design Guide

The recently published National Design Guide challenges us to rethink local design policy and how we evaluate design quality. In order to make effective planning decisions and develop new policy, officers and elected members need to understand what the guide says and how to use it.  In the first in a series of online learning programmes, we explore the National Design Guide in more depth from conception to practical application.

This programme will include:

  • A live one-hour webinar consisting of a short presentation and discussion with Jane Dann from Tibbalds. Jane was one of the authors of the Guide
  • A package of learning resources including slide shows and exercises which can be studied in as much or as little depth as required (available for 1 month)
  • An online forum with questions prompting responses from, and discussion between, learners
  • A concluding live one-hour online Q&A and discussion

Learners can expect to:

  • understand how the National Design Guide  relates to national planning policy
  • become familiar with the 10 characteristics of the Guide and their interconnections
  • be able to make practical use of the Guide to evaluate design quality
  • understand how the Guide relates to tools and processes you can use to secure good design
  • understand how the Guide relates to local planning policy and practice

Key dates:

  • 24 April – Introductory webinar @ 09:45-11:30
  • 24 April-24 May – Programme resources available for flexible independent study on Google Classroom
  • 07 May – Follow up online discussion @ 09:45-11:30

Speakers and facilitators:

Jane Dann, Director, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design
Laura Lewis-Davies, Learning Manager, Design South East
David Tittle, Head of Design Advice, Design, Design South East

Booking details

This online learning programme is available to Kent Design member organisations only.

In order to make the webinars more manageable we are limiting the number of participants to 40. Bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis with a maximum of 2 places per member organisation. However, there will be an opportunity for further delegates to view a recording of the webinar and participate in the independent study. So feel free to provide additional names beyond the 2 places per member and we will be in touch to let them know how they can participate.

Local authority members: please ensure all bookings are made through your key contact or KPOG representative who will be able to book places at this event on your behalf. If you do not know who that is email and we will let you know.

To book, please email the central Kent Design email address with the following details:

  • Name of delegate(s)
  • Organisation
  • Email address of delegate(s) (to be used to access Google Classroom)
  • Confirmation the delegate(s) can access Zoom and Google Classroom through a work or personal device

Online platforms

Once you have successfully secured a place on this online learning programme you will receive a Zoom invitation to the introductory webinar plus your Google Classroom course code.  Please note: Google Classroom course codes are not transferable.

We will be using Zoom as the online conferencing platform.  We appreciate there might be a small number of members who are unable to access Zoom, so please do let us know if you’re unable to participate and let us know which platform(s) you do have access to.  We will do our best to help you participate.

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