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Springhead Park Springhead Park Springhead Park

Springhead Park

Ebbsfleet, Kent

Developer/Landlord Land Securities, Countryside Properties
Architect CHBC Architects

Springhead Park was the first quarter of Ebbsfleet Valley to be developed. It comprises 38ha of mixed-use residential development alongside the recently opened Ebbsfleet International Station. Located in the Thames Gateway it is a high profile, exemplar scheme in line with the Government’s 20-year regeneration strategy for the area.

Peter Brett Associates (PBA) has been involved through the planning, design and implementation stages on this multi-million pound infrastructure development over the last 13 years
We have designed the strategic infrastructure to support the residential phase, including off-site highway improvements, S278 access to the project and Spine Road including Fastrack provision. We are also engineering a new 80m span bridge over the Ebbsfleet River which includes extensive environmental and archaeological mitigation measures.

Nurturing a close working relationship with the planning and adopting authorities has allowed supporting bus priority routes and sustainable infrastructure to be provided.

We created transportation, environmental and infrastructure strategies for the residential and community provision of the site over the next 20 years.


• Transport planning and transport strategies
• Infrastructure – design and implementation
• Bridges
• GEO environmental
• Environmental
• Integrated, multi-disciplinary approach

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