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Prime 1 (Corporation Street) Prime 1 (Corporation Street) Prime 1 (Corporation Street) Prime 1 (Corporation Street) Prime 1 (Corporation Street) Prime 1 (Corporation Street) Prime 1 (Corporation Street)

Prime 1 (Corporation Street)

Rochester, Kent

Developer/Landlord MHS Homes / Medway Council
Architect BPTW

WINNER! Kent Housing Group Excellence Awards 2019

Situated in a prominent position between Rochester Town Centre and the Riverside development, Prime 1 (Corporation Street) now has 89 contemporary apartments on a previously underutilised infill site. BPTW’s design approach for the scheme was inspired by the architectural style of surrounding buildings and the historic character of the town.

The building seeks to reinforce the street edge which was ill-defined along the main road. A tree lined boulevard created by setting back the development from the main road maintains a buffer zone aiding in reducing noise pollution and creating a haven for residents.

The development uses high quality brick as its primary material further reflecting local architectural context. Windows and balconies are set out in a tartan grid pattern whilst outset balconies feature on the corners of the building, adding visual interest to the building’s façade whilst affording residents prominent views of Medway Town Centre features including the City Wall, Cathedral and Castle. The scheme has been shortlisted at the Medway Design and Regeneration Awards 2022.

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