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Betteshanger Colliery Regeneration Betteshanger Colliery Regeneration

Betteshanger Colliery Regeneration

Betteshanger, Kent

Contractor Allen Dadswell

Derelict for decades, the Betteshanger colliery consists of 120ha of high-density industrial brownfield land contaminated by more than 60 years of coal mining and landfill use. Though previously cleared, traces of the old works still remained including building foundations, buried mine-working equipment and exhausted mineshafts. The regeneration of Betteshanger aims to bring environmental, ecological, social, leisure and an economic improvement to the site of what was once Kent’s largest colliery.


We conducted extensive work to overcome the physical constraints inhibiting the transformation of the site to a workable condition. Identification and management of various issues including infrastructural, geotechnical, environmental and hydrological were undertaken with great sensitivity to the surrounding marshlands and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Caverns were uncovered and filled, site contamination removed, and mine stone processed and re-used to make a level platform for construction. Reusing onsite materials was ecological and economical as well as part of the complex engineering solutions and continuing support (including the facilitation of a biomass fuel plant) that will deliver our client’s goals of an enhanced natural environment, leisure and recreational facilities and new employment opportunities.

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